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Founded in 1993, The Colinas Verdes Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Southern Ecuador in the town of San Pedro de Vilcabamba (about 2km from the tourist town of Vilcabamba). Colinas Verdes, Spanish for "Verdant Ranges," was created by a group of visionaries whose goal was to form a local organization to promote the conservation of Southern Ecuador's natural resources and environment and help the local community achieve sustainable forms of development to better their standard of living.

Agriculture Conservation in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

The staff of Colinas Verdes (both volunteer and paid) is composed of agronomists, biologists, forestry experts and veterinarians in addition to other specialists such as infrastructure engineers, small business experts, and people knowledgeable about protected area management. Each of these staff members has had many years of experience forming, managing and executing community and social interest projects. This group collaborates with organizations, either government agencies or private sector donors, from all over the world to develop actions with two primary goals as the basis. The first, to support the protection and conservation of local ecosystems, including The Podocarpus National Park and its surrounding areas, by promoting environmental awareness and natural resource protection to both Ecuadorians and tourists visiting the area. The second goal of The Colinas Verdes Foundation is to improve the quality of life of local farmers and their families through an organized support and training structure to educate local communities on proven, environmentally friendly, technologies and practices as well as endowing them with the necessary infrastructure, equipment, materials and tools needed to achieve this goal.

San Pedro de Vilcabamba - Protection and Conservation of Ecuador Ecosystems

Areas of Focus:

The focus of The Colinas Verdes Foundation is on projects that revolve around organizational development, agricultural production, reforestation and conservation:

  • Organizational assistance for Ecuador small businesses or community groups in general structuring or re-structuring and execution
  • Education and training in Organic Farming Techniques
  • Eco-tourism promotion
  • Environmental and Quality Certification assistance
  • Agribusiness Training
  • Sustainable Agriculture practice, education, and assistance
  • Reforestation Projects
  • Community Development Initiatives
  • Environmental Impact and Conservation Seminars
  • Commercialization assistance on local and international levels
  • Land and Territory Planning
Map of Vilcabamba, Ecuador - Non-Profit Organic Agriculture

In addition to our community conservation and sustainability projects, Colinas Verdes Foundation has partnered with several local organizations to create an inner-communal exchange between products and services within San Pedro de Vilcabamba... please click on the "Icons" below to learn about these exciting affiliates!

"The Colinas Verdes Foundation has been and is a great help for our organization of coffee producers. They helped us with strengthening our organization, technical training in quality control, the collection process and the commercialization of our coffee."

Carlos Lapo, President of the Association Agroartisanal of Ecological Producers of Specialty Coffee of the Loja Area (APECAEL)

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