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Over the past 15 years, the success of The Colinas Verdes Foundation would not have been possible without the help of our many volunteers. We are always open to accepting individuals or organizations that are willing to volunteer to work with us.

In our experience we have come to discover two types of volunteers:

1. Volunteers from Abroad: Since our beginning, the Colinas Verdes Foundation has received all kinds of help from individuals or organizations who, even though they were in another country, have been able to volunteer and help our cause in one way or another. We have received support from outside donors in technical expertise, contact generation, and project financing, just to name a few. If you or someone you know is interested in "Volunteering from Abroad," please click the Contact Us button in the menu bar above.

2. Visiting Volunteers: Whether it is for a small amount of time or for one year, we are constantly involved in projects where we could use additional, either with technical assistance or just your labor. Unfortunately we cannot pay you for your work, but if you are planning on visiting Southern Ecuador and would like to volunteer with us, please click the Contact Us button in the menu bar above.

"Working with the Colinas Verdes Foundation for two years was a truly amazing experience and I will remember it for my entire life. I was lucky enough to work with them on many different projects and in each one it felt that through the different workshops and trainings held, we were not only improving the livelihood of the local farmers and their families but also teaching them to take care of the environment and natural resources surrounding them."

Andy, Peace Corps Volunteer 2008-2010

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