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Beekeepers' Association of San Pedro de Vilcabamba

The San Pedro de Vilcabamba community is home to a small group of traditional beekeepers who have been practicing apiculture for several generations. These family farms are able to produce hundreds of gallons of this incredibly delicious honey while promoting the cross-pollination of local flowers and plants through the maintenance of the bee columns. Not only is the honey of San Pedro de Vilcabamba famous within Ecuador, but those visitors who have tasted it continually request more to give as gifts to family and friends. In recent news, the beekeeper’s group has expanded their product line to include a candy bar made of honey called Turron and they are in the process of seeking out other honey based products they can add to their product mix.

VISION: To excel in sustainable social practices that promote a better standard of living and the conservation of the biodiversity in southern Ecuador.

MISSION: To encourage and promote sustainable apiculture practices, eco-tourism, the alignment of benefactors of southern Ecuadorian forests, and harmonious commercialization between the producer and consumer.

Objectives Apiculture (Beekeeping)

  • Within our areas of operation in the Loja and Zamora Chinchipe provinces, to produce 120 quintales (hundred pounds) of honey, 6 quintales of polen and 3 quintales of propóleos annually
  • To utilize Sacapo's Apiculture center for the processing and management of our products
  • To market and sell five apiculture products in both local and national markets


  • To offer apiculture tourism in the outskirts of Palanumá, located in the county of Palanda in the Zamora Chinchipe Province
  • To implement a center of tourism operations in San Pedro de Vilcabamba, located in the county and province of Loja


  • To improve the quality and quantity of Agro-Ecological products generated by the associates and members of the community of San Pedro de Vilcabamba
  • To develop a system for community commercialization of Agro-ecological producers
Saturday, 19th September
Official Registration No.422-18-April 1994
Ministerial Agreement No.141-MAG
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