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Credit and Savings Bank "Ecological Society"

The community bank, CACSE, is a social organization comprised of agricultural producers from the parish San Pedro de Vilcabamba in the province of Loja, Ecuador.

Our Beginnings

Many residents of San Pedro de Vilcabamba have limited access to formal banking institutions which are all primarily located in the city of Loja. Lack of time, work and familial commitments, as well as transport costs, hinder the San Pedro de Vilcabamba residents ability to obtain credit from the Loja lending institutions. Demanding requisites and onerous policies also present additional obstacles. Thus, in the year 1999, the CREDIT AND SAVINGS BANK "ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY" or CACSE was created to better serve the banking needs of the San Pedro de Vilcabamba community by establishing credit and savings programs.

Current Operations

The CACSE currently meets with their members and possible clients two days per week in their office located in San Pedro de Vilcabamba. The operations of the CACSE are conducted by the accountant and the administrator.

Up until now the CACSE has allocated 250 credits to finance projects such as small animal breeding, small scale rural construction, agricultural production, microenterprise development, and emergency loans.

Currently in 2009, there are approximately 70 associates affiliated with CACSE. The organization is headed by a governing board who is elected every two years from our pool of associates.

VISION: In the year 2015, the CACSE will be a consolidated and accredited institution, focused on the supply and demand of social and financial services for the human development of the southern sector of Loja, Ecuador.

MISSION: To efficiently handle the demand for social services and alternative credits, to stimulate a culture of cooperative savings, to encourage ecological production, transformation and commercialization on association, community, and microenterprise levels.

Message From Our Administrator

"As administrator of the CACSE I would like to extend greetings to all of the associates of our organization. The responsible and committed work of our team has allowed for development in our community that has without a doubt contributed to improved quality of life for our associates. We have greatly advanced in the last years of operation but we are still looking to expand and have great expectations for our transformation into a Savings and Credit Cooperative in the upcoming years. This transition will require more work from our associates but working together, little by little, we will attain our goal. Thank you to all who continue supporting us in our mission to help others. Additionally, thank you for sharing our desire to provide popular finance for the people, making southern Loja a more productive and fortified region."

Felecino Toledo León, CACSE Administrator

Our Future

In the upcoming years we hope to expand our clientele base to serve more residents of southern Loja including the communities of Malacatos, Vilcabamba, Quinara, and Yangana. Additionally, we hope to increase the number of associates which will ultimately enable us to accommodate larger lines of credit, increase savings, and to transition our current membership into a cooperative.

Message From Our President

"'Live to serve' is my grand ideal in life. The CACSE was created with this same ideal of community service, thinking both in the present and the future of our countrymen as well as the progress and constant development of our beautiful town of San Pedro de Vilcabamba. The CACSE is a financial entity that is solvent, economic, profitable, trustworthy, and contributes to the improvement of the quality of life for its associates and the community in general. Our work, with honor and responsibility, generates security and confidence among our associates."

Eulogio Guamán, CACSE President

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Official Registration No.422-18-April 1994
Ministerial Agreement No.141-MAG
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